6,63 cm x 15,6 cm | 2 5/8 x 6 1/8 inch

Siebdruck auf 100-Dollarschein | serigraph on 100-dollar bill
The Slovak artist Roman Ondak will present ‘Concealed Episode’ (2007), a new work centered on the peculiar link between South Florida and Cuba.  The piece makes reference to the continual migration of Cubans to the United States and to the special relation between the two countries.  Considering that the majority of Cubans arrive in the U.S. following a rough and complicated journey, Ondak transforms the stage of Art Perform into the target zone of a skydiving Cuban, who will jump from a small airplane flying over South Beach.  Before the skydiver touches the ground, a group of Cubans will prepare a landing ground, marking the exact area on the stage with four red warning lights.